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Coding / Translation

We offer two different methods of processing your surveyed data.

Both open and closed-ended questions can be coded with a web-based coding software, as well as, with Pen and Paper.

We have the ability to process large sample sizes in a short period of time, at a high level of quality, and at a fair price.

Our team of trained professionals with many years of experience will process your coding and translations in more than 30 different languages. Of course, each language is coded and translated exclusively by native speakers.

By constant auditing and training, we are able to provide the highest level of quality every time.


We program:

  • CAPI
  • CATI
  • CAWI

Allowing a permanent control and supervision during field and thus exclude mistakes during conducting of interviews.

Data Entry

We transform your paper questionnaires into data:

By using complex data entry templates facilitating exact examinations according to plausibility and consistency criteria we guarantee a correct and clean data entry.

After data punching and the following data quality checking procedures, we deliver the data in the requested format. Your data can be accessed directly after our last quality check.
Our longstanding experience guarantees the best quality of data punching.


We process your data according to your needs:

We are equally experienced in descriptive as well as  multi-variate analysis, conjoint analysis and other sophisticated approaches. In addition to providing you with a spread sheet and report we would be delighted to present the results to you personally.

Our complete package comprises of all the necessary individual services required for a rapid and competent data processing of studies, and provides you with a high level of transparency at all times.

We can, of course, provide you with individual services or complete service packages.

About Us

The Company

Our company was founded in 2001.

With over 15 years of experience, ASKi-Data is the specialist for all your data processing needs in the field of market and social research.

With our headquarters located in the heart of Hamburg, we are within easy reach from every direction.

Our experienced and professionally trained team of 10 full-time employees, along with over 150 international freelancers, is there to support you at all times. It will be our pleasure to assist you with your projects.

Last year ASKi-Data processed over 2000 national and international projects.

What makes us stand out


Our longstanding know-how in all areas of market research enables us to support you through all of your projects.

Language Diversity

With our vast selection of languages, we are able to provide everything you need from one source.

Each language is coded and translated exclusively by native speakers.

Flexibility & Speed

Our flexibility allows us to react quickly to any changes.
Thus ensuring that projects are always completed on time.


Personal customer care with one allocated project manager minimizes the communication channels of communication.

The customer’s needs and wishes are always our first priority and are addressed immediately.


The multi-functionality of the coding software we use provides us with the means to offer the highest level of quality management.

By request, we can of course work with your own coding software.


You can always rely on us no matter what might happen throughout the duration of a project. We will never leave you high and dry!

We accompany you from the beginning to the end.


We  offer excellent value for money with outstanding quality.

The Team

Izabela Borgmann

Izabela Borgmann

CEO Chief Executive Officer
Bernd Borgmann

Bernd Borgmann

Owner and Consultant
Daniel Essel

Daniel Essel

Business Director
Douglas Patton

Douglas Patton

Head of Coding and Translation
Dilek Eyiengin

Dilek Eyiengin

Coding Manager
Gustav Jaeckel

Gustav Jaeckel

Coding Manager
Natascha Mahn

Natascha Mahn

Coding Manager
Franziska Ott

Franziska Ott

Translation Manager
Ewa Lojan

Ewa Lojan

Field Coordinator


We are always on the lookout for qualified and committed people as an addition to our team.

We are currently looking for:

• Translators
• Coders

Requirements: fluent knowledge of German and English both in spoken as well as in written word + a third language as native language.

Simply send your letter of application to

Or to the following postal address:

ASKi-Data Gesellschaft für Datenmanagement mbH

Spitaler Straße 9
20095 Hamburg


Gesellschaft für Datenmanagement mbH
Spitalerstr. 9
20095 Hamburg
Tel: +49 (0) 40 / 80 81 83 20

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